Thursday, November 24, 2016

Nov 25th Events Info

Hi lovelies! Happy Thanksgiving
I am sooo thankful for all of you guys. I appreciate your support

.tsg. is participating in  Skin Addiction's 7th Annual Black Friday Weekend, where participating designers have marked down select skins just for you!  With a minimum 25% discount, you are bound to find your new favorite skin(s) for a great price!

The sale is from 11/25 - 11/27 ONLY

***You must be in the Skin Addiction group & have the tag active to get the discount! Please grab a copy of detailed instructions at the mainstore before you buy!***

Angel eyes are available soon @ Uber 11/25 Creators Choice round 
Standard LL eyes + Mesh lens
mod copy ok!

Stay warm this SL winter with PomPom ear muffs & necklace. This exclusive can be found at Tannenbaum Holiday Market on Nov 25th
Both are unrigged and fully mod!

Happy Holidays~

Monday, August 8, 2016

Maitreya Skin Applier Updates

 As requested I have fixed a lot of issues on tsg maitreya skin appliers!
Hands, Feet & Toned tummy shading
Before Update

After Update
Changelog for Maitreya Skin appliers:
  • Appliers now include the toned tummy shading option
  • Hands and feet textures have been tailored for Maitreya hands and feet
  • Vagina shading, seams and positioning improved
  • Belly button position corrected
  • Matching neck sheath texture included in applier
  • F tone shading has been completely re-mastered on the entire body
Thanks for your patience
to get your update please grab a redelivery of your Maitreya skin applier at .tsg. mainstore

Bon Voyage Japan

Medic Masks are mod copy ok
Skin is .tsg. Tiana X Tone Peach @ TCF
Eyes are .tsg. Lumenis Ice Blue
Hair is by Due

Tiana Skin + Mesh Lips

Tiana comes in 2 skin tones, X tone and Vampy. Skins include all the usual bust, tummy and brow options. Mesh Lips (mod/trans ok) include a lip balm changing HUD! These items are all backwards compatible with Rei skin + lips + HUDs. 
Please demo!
Collar is by Violent Seduction, also @ The Chapter Four!
Hair on the left is Pink Hustler, hair on the right is by Due

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Posh Heels

The Posh Heel is inspired by a RL Luxury Shoe design, tweaked to add a .tsg. feel!
only at @ .tsg. Mainstore
available in the 15 hue's shown above!
Posh Heels are copy only and rigged for SLINK Medium Feet only!
Each purchase includes gold, silver and rose gold metal options.
Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more 

Magical Girls 2016

Magical Angel Dress & Magical Girl Essentials gacha
Dress is loosely inspired by Creamy Mami
the accessories are inspired by a couple different Magical Girls 
Magical Angel Dress is available in 4 Fitmesh Sizes ! Slink Hourglass, Slink Physique, Maitreya Experimental & Belleza Experimental.
The included collar is rigged!
Please demo
These were initially intended to be released at Crystal Heart but I ran out of time! 
You can find these Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica inspired heels at Kawaii Project's designer choice round!
 Rigged for slink high feet only! 
Please demo!

Summer Goodies

.tsg. Shellkini comes in 3 fitmesh sizes: Hourglass, Physique, Maitreya Experimental and an Unrigged modifiable version is included. Please demo!
My mesh head is .tsg. Mikki Mesh Head Kissy RARE in X tone!
Hair is by Taketomi - Yumi
Glasses are .tsg. Smooch Shades in Pink

my set for The Arcade June Round
Bikini's come in Hourglass Fit, Physique Fit, Maitreya Experimental, and Belleza Experimental. Shoes are SLINK High Feet Only. Please demo! Accessories are resize scripted.
in .tsg. mainstore now!!
Hair is by Pink Hustler Hair 8133
My mesh head is .tsg. Mikki Mesh Head Strawberry Jam in X tone!

Cute portable stereos perfect for pool parties or beach fun! 
100L/color mod copy ok!
in .tsg. mainstore now!!

Thanks for Reading!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mikki Mesh Head Gacha

omg! my first mesh head gacha!
super excited!
Mikki is inspired by K-beauty and Ulzzang makeup since this coming round of Kawaii Project is Ulzzang theme!
As you can see in the key, there are 2 skin tones in this gacha, X tone and Vampy. there are 4 Rares. X tone Pout, X tone Kissy, Vampy Pout and Vampy Kissy. I hope it makes sense!
The common prizes are the neutral expression mesh heads and come in a range of makeups in both X tone and Vampy tones as shown.
Each head will offer a light and dark eyebrow option in the included HUD as well as 32 Hairbase presets ( as you usually get from tsg mesh heads).

Rare heads have ALL makeup styles in their included HUD. Each HUD will only work with the exact head it came with. Be sure you are trading/yardsaling the HUD with the head.

Each prize comes with 4 matching Standard SL skins. Bust and tummy shading optional.

I dont think this is a good head for beginners, if you dont know how to fit mesh lenses you might have trouble. I highly recommend mesh lenses with this head since the Eyesockets sit a bit too low for SL standard eyes.
I think the eyes I released at TDSF 3 recently are a perfect fit!
There IS a demo available so PLEASE for the love of god, demo first. All body, hands and feet and etc appliers can be found at the tsg mainstore!
Thank you!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hourglass Specific Appliers

I've released new SLINK Physique Hourglass SPECIFIC appliers!
Hands & Feet textures are not supported, you must purchase hands and feet separately. As always.
Each applier includes a soft body and toned body version! Both can be seen in the pic above.
These appliers are available in tsg's full tone range.
If you have been using our SLINK Physique applier all this time you probably already know about all the issues it had on the Hourglass body! Changelog below.
Butt creases got moved up to where the creases are meshed into the body 
Underside view is a lot more seamless now! 
vagina got a makeover! 
and is now neatly tucked into the meshed in slit as you can see in the gif
belly button has been repositioned to fit into the mesh bellybutton hole

thats all folks
now go and be flawless!
New appliers are here at .tsg. Mainstore